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"WOW!!!!!!!!!! This is an amazing film! How do we begin to make it a reality? It is beyond impressive!"
Chris Williams, PBS Host: Up Close with Chris Williams

"The next Nobel Peace Prize Winner."

Wayne Clingman, Host: Indy Film Wisconsin

"The impossible has become possible in 2012."
Tyra Mason, Host: Global Finance Show

"The most thought provoking movie ever."

The Global Monitor

"World Changing. What capitalism was intended to be."
Bob Day, Host: The Great American Story

"It's like opening a book for the first time ever."
Jack Zhao, Host: Across the Ocean

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Food Sky Towers (#4 of 40 Point Plan)

  • The one thing about having local farms is that everyone can participate. That's the thing about the silos; I see one in every major city and wouldn't that bring people back from the suburbs. -Donna Menninger 
  • My colleague and I are going into the farming business and the first order is to get us one of these monster silos. NECA has a price I'm sure - 50% of the profits - 50% to benefit society - it's all cool. - Greentheworld32 
  • The ingenuity it is going to take to build these farm silos is unbelievable and it is going to take a heck of a contractor to make sure they are well constructed and the electrical work is going to be critical. Good luck 40 point plan. - greentheworld15 
  • Organic vegetables are the foods for your family. - Phyllis Soeling 
  • Nothing but nice things to say about EW's writing. - Eddie Lane
  • All the vegetables I want like tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, bean sprouts, mushrooms and add the mushrooms, proteins and it's all under one roof and ready to be harvested! You have to love it. - Werner Fountain 
  • It's time to get started on this project. The summer drought is making the corn and grain crops such a mess in the Midwest. The concept of being weather proof in our ability to grow food and nourishment for every city in the world is an amazing idea. - Tyler Gentilee 
  • Vegetables, fruits and everything we need to survive. It's an incredible dream, but I did some searching on Google and it's all based on existing technology. - George Hopkins
  • Wow, unbelievable! I didn't know we are going to be farming in vertical silos. - Franny Levinson 
  • This is a terrific movie. Everyone should be watching. The technology is here today to take care of our future. I am a strong believer in the 40 Point Plan and EW has written a great screenplay and turned it into a special movie. Delaney Savonairre 
  • The technology in this farm is just terrific. What I like the most is that there is everything on the farm available everywhere, locally. I'm not sure what they will do with the seasons of time and whether it’s good to have melons year round, but I figure they can make the farm, they can figure when it’s time to harvest - Carmen Hernandez
  • This is amazing. To know that the future technology can be developed to feed the world. Pictures are coming from Mars today, tomorrow food for the planet Earth. - Yvonne Stevenson 

National Polling App: (#10 of 40 Point Plan)

  • Come on people let's join together and make this happen. - Max Santee 
  • Take the chains off of our ambivalence people - the campaigns are acting like bullies. Give us the National Polling App and send the politicians home. - Grace Miller 
  • For anyone listening to the news and hearing the political trash talk, you now the time has come to have the National Polling App become a reality. - Tyler Gentilee 
  • Time to take the march to freedom. George Washington, Abe Lincoln did it many moons ago; we need to follow their lead. - greentheworld15 
  • Watch the video and what are you thinking? How is this going to happen.  Find the petition on change.org and walk with me. - Shirley Baker
  • Nice vision, nice presentation, now we need to do something. - Patricia Werner 
  • Common people, let's do it. Time to take control of our own destiny. We live in 2012 and its not like the rough days of 1776. - George Hopkins 
  • As per my earlier post and from comments from others I have started a petition at Change.org. So I ask all of you to go to this link and sign my petition. Let's make it happen and change our congress for the better. Thanks again, Dr. Terry Go to Change.org and search for the following: Create, Pass and Fund “The National Polling App – Dr. Terry jansen 
  • I like the idea a lot of having millions of people voting on an issue and getting immediate feedback. I do not know how they do the Gallup poll and then expect us to believe in it and make decisions. Look at what happened during the last election. TV has their exit polls, but they were not reliable. At least with millions voting you won't have to think about reliability. The numbers will speak for themselves. - Franklin Jones 
  • Nice idea. Simple in concept, but it's going to take a few dollars from congress to make it happen. Dr. Terry Jansen below is talking about a petition. I don't know how that is going to work, but let me know where to go and I'll sign it. - George Hopkins 
  • I discussed the thought of starting a petition with my wife and I have decided to take the advice of Carmen and do it. Hopefully we can make a change that will benefit everyone. Keep your fingers crossed I will updated you as soon as I get the petition started. – Dr. Terry Jansen  
  • My wife saw this video and said I had to see it. She was right. What a terrific idea for you and me and the next generation. I have wondered from time to time how in the world would we ever get from out from under the carpet baggers and swindlers influence who are driving the government and its budget and sending us all to poor house for the future. It has got to stop and the app is the way. - Max Santee 
  • I'm ready to follow if you will lead us on Dr. Terry. I don't know what Carmen is talking about, but I would like to be part of making something special happen. You said its time for a change and I agree. Time to do something. - Sam Glenfield in reply to Dr. Terry Jansen 
  • Somebody really thought this one out. I think it is mandatory that we start a movement to make this a reality. I looked on the internet to see if there was anyone in the process of implementing an application like this but I didn’t find any information. If anyone knows where or how we can make this happen I would be willing to help in any way I can. I think it is time for a change. – Dr. Terry Jansen 
  • What a fun thought for the day. Congress is basically put in its place, the people vote and get what they need and the guys with the loot up on the hill all go back home and watch TV. I like it. - Tyler Gentilee 
  • Is this really possible? What senator is going to do this? Does anybody know Al Gore? - Delaney Savonairre 
  • It's about time somebody had something new to say. Can't stand to watch political news because you know what they are going to say before they say it. We need this app, but who's going to do it? - Jennifer King 
  • Wow! I love this idea. What a great thing it would be if we had such a thing. - Phyllis Soeling 
  • Very cool and brilliant idea. What can we do to make this happen - Tojane  

Greenland Water Act: (#5 of 40 Point Plan)

  • Linda's right. We like to get behind a good cause and we love the 40 Point Plan. It's why we are here writing our comments. EW wrote a great movie and we fully support him. - Max Santee 
  • Get started today 40 Point Plan - we need water for everyone! - Linda Santee 
  • Ecology is the thing and water is at the core of it. I know we need clean air, but without the fresh water we are doomed as well. - Donna Menninger 
  • Drink water for fluids, drink to live, drink with chillers. - greentheworld16 
  • Its important to get those plastic bottles picked up and out of the ocean. If we can accomplish that we have saved a lot of fish from trouble. I saw Happy Feet! - greentheworld15 
  • Can't get enough good water. It's still hot in Kansas and we need some good water from Greenland - ha ha. - Shirley Baker 
  • Love the idea of cold blue drinking water from Greenland. Just got to get me some. - George Hopkins 
  • The heat across the USA has been unbearable this past week. Let's get some water from the Greenland and moisten our farmland and wet our parched lips. - Sam Glenfield 
  • The idea of water coming from Greenland is good, but I'm wondering about the plastic bottles. I know the writer EW talks about plastic bottles and the world is looking for an alternative. It is not a good thing for people to be without water, but we have to have something better than throw away bottles for the super markets of the world. - Phyllis Soeling 
  • No doubt about it that Greenland is where the water is found in abundance, but I'm not sure about melting glaciers and bringing the water to market. In theory it's all good. Do we have the engineering know how to pull it off? I hope so. It's an idea worth exploring. - Franklin Jones 
  • I don't think about very much. Our city has water for the lawns, no shortage of drinking water, but it's clear that there are a lot of places on the planet that aren't thriving because they do not have water. The human body needs it and it’s good to know that one day the entire planet will have it and if the 40 Point Plan is implemented on time, everyone is going to have all the want. - Werner Fountain 
  • It's such a rush to see the water flowing and flowing, pristine, clean, cold. - Tyler Gentilee 
  • The optimism is overwhelming. I love the good vibes. - Patricia Werner 
  • Cold cold water. It would be nice to have this today with the heat wave in L.A. - Shirley Baker 
  • The water looks so good and the view is incredible. I know where I'm taking my next vacation once they create the travel ticket. - Franny Levinson 
  • What a mind blower. All that water and no way to get at it to solve the ills of the world. Make it happen boys make it happen and we'll be sippin cold chillin water instead of champagne in New Year's Eve. - Eddie Lane 

NECA Ending Unemployment: (#3 of 40 Point Plan)

  • 40 Point Plan thank you for inspiring the companies of America and the creation of NECA for generations to come. - Grace Miller 
  • Support the cause and start a business - put someone to work. That's the spirit of the 40 Point Plan Spirit! - Franklin Jones 
  • Let's all get some new work and build a great society for the 21st century - greentheworld16 
  • It's time we started on the positive movement forward. I thank the 40 Point Plan for starting the conversation that our nation requires at this time. New thinking, new writing, put people to work soon. -Greentheworld32 

K-12 Free Online School (#11 of 40 Point Plan)

  • My wife Linda is right; this would be perfect for our family. - Max Santee 
  • I need this for my children who I want to home school. - Linda Santee 
  • Lots of people will be able to use this free service once they get it started. - Carmen Hernandez 
  • School started today for my niece. She went hand in hand with her mother.  Mom stayed in the classroom for her very first day of school. Today will one day be obsolete? - Donna Menninger
  • There is a time to go to school and a time to do makeup work. No matter the time if you are online it’s the right time. - Greentheworld1
  • Home schooling is okay, but I wonder if anyone is going to meet someone outside their family one day. I mean if you are always inside, when do the kids meet other kids. - Mike Anderson 
  • It's important for your children to get off to a good start in school. - Phyllis Soeling 
  • Check out the 40 Point Plan the Movie that this video previews - excellent! - Eddie Lane 
  • Test taking is the part that I don't understand with online schools. Who is going to award a degree without making sure that the student has earned it? Does anyone have an answer? - Phyllis Soeling 
  • Free books is a major step forward. The cost of school books today is going out of sight. Once you've recorded the lessons, made the lesson plans and covered the cost of administration, being online means you just have to cover the cost of servers, rather than a mortgage and a tremendous amount of infrastructure - Franklin Jones
  • The best part of going to school is meeting new people. The 40 Point Plan as I recall is going to include video calling and communication - so that I see an online school where the students will have study groups and the ability to talk. Our students have learned to text with skills; the future is learning to communicate online with video. - Grace Miller 
  • The first step is getting the school online. The second step is teaching the kids the subject matters that will have the greatest benefit in their life. This is the kids decision mostly, but it would be helpful if they were able to know that they can learn anything given the proper tools, time and motivation. Let's face it - every baby learns to walk. Every kid can learn to read; and every kid can learn to think given the proper training. - Max Santee 
  • This is really funny. Do you know that I couldn't wait for my kids to get old enough to go to school so that I would have a few hours of quiet time. Come on girls, you know this is the truth. The only good thing about an online school is the cost, convenience and the assurance that the dog is not going to eat the lessons. - Jennifer King 
  • It's inevitable that there will one day be an online school for home schooling. This idea takes it one step further and offers it to everyone in America for free. Of course, we need to make sure that everyone has a computer, internet connection and paper and pencil or I guess they'll get cad cam or some other drawing program. I guess the real question is whether an online school will be totally paperless? - George Hopkins 
  • When I was a kid all I wanted to do was run away from school. When I was old enough that's exactly what I did. I wish I had a place to take classes at the high school level online for free. It's like I'm self-taught right now anyways and when I saw the 40 Point Plan about education I thought it makes sense. - Eddie Lane
  • Online classes are great, but what about sports - physical education. The one thing little kids need to do is develop their hand eye coordination skills. If kids grow up without a dad, how do they get to learn soccer, baseball and kickball. I see kickball all the time on the school playground, but I've never seen it in the street. - Donna Menninger 
  • The hardest part for me was biology. I could never get the terminology for the science mumbo jumbo. If they can figure out how to hold someone's interest online while trying to teach them a "dry" subject, it will be the best upgrade to the school system yet. - Carmen Hernandez 
  • The hardest part of school for a parent is the early childhood years. What's the most important part of the education, getting my son to memorize or learning how to draw conclusions? I know that its the thinking part of his education. If they are able to create lessons for kids that will teach them how to draw conclusions, not just give them paperwork assignments, but lessons on how to do it, then we have a free online school to talk about. - Delaney Savonairre 
  • I'd like to see the curriculum. I need to learn Spanish and languages are introduced in middle school and high school. Of course adults are going to use these online classes, why not? Free language lessons using the latest techniques, which I figure you’re going to have if you're paying someone to develop a special curriculum. - Werner Fountain 
  • Got the tweet and here I am, but its nice to visit and find something of substance. I like the way this ties all the current technology and information that we have today into something tangible and achievable without it seeming like science fiction. Nice going 40 Point Plan. - James Torres 
  • I know that we have online college courses now. It seems all the universities have them, but Tyler is right, having classes available for lower grades is a great idea and if adults want to take them too - that's great also. - Shirley Baker 
  • I found it refreshing that they included education into the 40 point plan. I agree with the premise that they key to a long lasting better America is a strong education system. What most people do not realize is that there is a large segment of the adult population that doesn't have a strong skill set that is taught in grades 10, 11 and 12. Offering a free opportunity for adults to pick up this information and knowledge in private, on the internet, will be of great benefit to thousands of us. - Tyler Gentilee

NECA/Monolithic POD Homes: (#7 of 40 Point Plan)

  • Tornado, hurricane, monsoons, heat wave - the pod is going to protect us from all the mayhem that mother nature throws at us every year. I can't wait to get my pod house. - Greentheworld1
  • Can you imagine this new community where everyone has a pod house and they are talking on the pod phone and doing computer communication on their pod phone. Think it will work out that way? - Mike Anderson
  • Pod houses have been around for a while. I've seen high end homes that were pre-fab fabulous. - Phyllis Soeling 
  • Let's face it, pod homes have been around for a while, but no one has put all the right ingredients into its construction. Make em affordable, able to withstand tornadoes and put all the amenities that we want inside like air conditioning, internet and telephone capabilities, low utility bills and the ability to get a hot shower without worrying about the bill at the end of the month and we all have a winning place to call home. - Werner Fountain 
  • I want one of these. The price is right and the temperature controls can't be beat. - Patricia Werner 
  • I sent the link to my cousins in Kansas. Once a year they wish they had a tornado proof house, but the cost is just too much. Hurry up EW and get the construction industry turning out these pod houses. We need the NECA pod. - James Torres 
  • Ok, where do I get one of these. I've got 5 brothers and sisters that are going to need a home and right now we are all in one house. We need to get started people because this is definitely the way to go. -Donna Menninger 

Sanctuary Cities: (#15 of 40 Point Plan)

  • Let's see if we can't get this started sooner. What can we do 40 Point Plan? - Linda Santee
  • It's clear to me and I'm sure that its clear for all that this will happen if the 40 Point Plan is initiated and in order for that to happen we need to give them our support. - Donna Menninger 
  • No doubt it is a good thing for the 40 Point Plan to make sure that everyone in society benefits from the grace that the future brings. - Carmen Hernandez 
  • It is nice that someone is going to take the time to find the money, time, planning and love to take care of our battered women and unfortunate children caught in the middle. - Eric Anderson 
  • This is a wonderful vision, a wonderful goal for all of humanity. - Yvonne Stevenson 
  • Who speaks for the homeless; who speaks for the sick; it's a nice vision to have NECA be the one to take care of those in need, but we can't wait another 5 years. We all need to take 1 step forward to help today. - Patricia Werner 
  • The best thing about this idea is that it takes caring for one another to the next level. I'm not sure that I really understand where the movie is going in this direction, but somebody is at least speaking for the less fortunate of us. - Patricia Werner 
  • God bless the children and mothers everywhere. It's just wrong that we have abuse and hunger and homelessness. - James Torres 
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40 Point Plan Recent Press Releases

Now Playing: 40 Point Plan Movie, Produced By EW (Eric W. Williams)

World's 1st Futurementary Movie premiered Friday night.

Press Release: Tue, Aug 14, 2012 10:15 AM EDT

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 1,000 members of the media viewed the private screening from March 7th to August 3rd. Many members submitted overwhelmingly support to implement the plan.

On August 8th the film was announced to the world in Times Square, NYC:

At the core of the film suggests the private sector ("We the People") form the National Employment Corporation of America, (NECA) on September 12, 2012. Led by a dream team of executives, scientists, scholars, experts and other solution oriented individuals, NECA hires millions of unemployed Americans and recent graduates to sell American made products and services to 153 Allied Nations, the movie shows with empirical evidence how to defeat many social ills from 2012-2017.
Set in 2017, TV news-magazine host David Portrero (Dave Nemeth) looks back at the major achievements the past five years. Throughout the movie, various newscasters "read into reality" stories that reveal the overwhelmingly positive effects of plan. Adding real names into this Futurementary theatrical experience makes the plan seem entirely possible.

The story is brought to life by interviews with people affected by NECA's success, including a NECA executive, Dr. Kelly Rivers (Tisha Rivera), a doctor in the medical program, Dr. Joe DelGado (Joe Comino), 1 of 15,000 global food sky tower farm owners, Nathan Kuthbert (Nathan Kotzur) and a formerly homeless teenager turned success story Valerie Sinclair (Christianne Christensen).

The 40 Point Plan's creator, EW, described as a visionary with a heart, took 3.5 years making the movie. The 40 Point Plan film can be viewed in its entirety at www.40pointplan.com

The film's 2-Disc Set DVD is available November 19th with more than 2.5-Hours of Bonus Material including: Director's commentary, the 40 Points identified, NECA's unprecedented Bylaws, 1st look into both 40PP Sequels currently in production The Panacea, coming 2014, Cast & Crew interviews and an in-depth look at We the People of the United States implementing the plan.

For more information contact: Publicist: Lisa McNutt 716-558-6021 lisa@40pointplan.com

Film is distributed by 40 Point Productions 818-939-1190 media@40pointplan.com

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Media personnel wanting to view the private screening, please contact media@40pointplan.com or call 818-451-3515 to receive a password.

40 Point Plan Movie

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